Household use

Household photovoltaic, closer to the nearest generation (dg), came to the transformation, using the principle of nearby and generate power for personal use can be spontaneous and redundant power selling online, or all of the sale. Green environmental protection at the same time will also be able to create a green economy.

As a door with a new pioneer in the field of photovoltaic (pv), crystal can treasure will through independent development partners and a regional power market development pattern, for home users to provide terminal system survey, selection, design, installation, grid, operation and maintenance and other all-round one-stop service. Different power generation scenarios with specific plans to help customers get higher yields.

家庭Household system
Solar Household photovoltaic intelligent design

Based on the new policy environment, the whole county development in power plant will become the subject of photovoltaic project quantity and capacity. Such projects with the area is small, the number, the space more neat, installation structure variety, etc. The project design and construction organization method, when dealing with such projects, there will be work multifarious, repeated workload big, large format editing work, design a series of problems such as information management chaos.

In order to solve the whole county in distributed bottleneck problem of the project, Solar technology put forward the scheme of household photovoltaic intelligent design. Can efficiently solve the pain points above.

We have the advantage of

Meet the demands of different users of financial service differentiation

标准化施工作业  确保全交付过程严谨可靠

Standardization construction work to ensure that all delivery process is rigorous and reliable

发改备案服务 给予户用光伏并网接入技术支持

Hair change registration service for household photovoltaic (pv) grid access technology support

设计******发电场景 保障结构安全

Design best generating scenarios to ensure the safety of structure

智能云平台24小时运维服务 高效无忧

Intelligent cloud platform of efficient operational 24 hours service

Cooperation mode
Sales model

The user can pay span lang="EN-US">/Financing the construction of power station, and enjoy 25Years of generating revenue, red crystal survey, design, installation, and provide the system operation and maintenance of one-stop service.

Cooperation development mode

Cooperative development power station, together with the users and reasonable by the two sides share Photovoltaic power station. Crystal can treasure to provide equipment and the design, installation, management, operations, operations, such as comprehensive energy services, the model does not need the user investment or loan construction in power station, users do not need to bear the risk of power station operation period, at the same time enjoy power station, fixed income, having for 25 years.

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