Industrial and commercial distributed

in the Industrial and ltd. distributed photovoltaic field deep for many years, Solar photovoltaic technology have cultivated powerful adaptability system scene, in the school, tunnels, logistics park, commercial center, the bike shed, factories, service area and other Application scenarios, has rich experience in project. The company is committed to build distributed energy ecological wisdom, for all types of users to provide efficient, intelligent, safe experience of clean energy. As of March 31, 2022, the company has 268 distributed power stations, accumulative total grid capacity nearly 1 gw, domestic Photovoltaic power station operation the forefront of the industry development.

Workshop roof
Commercial buildings
Warehousing logistics
The data center
Public facilities
5G base stations
Safe and reliable perfect fit


Adjust measures to local conditions


Clean and efficient


Scattered layout
Core strengths

Diversification of investment and financing channels, and solve the problem of investment to the ground

Rich technical solutions, targeted attack complex roof problem

Scientific cohesion power distribution network planning, which can ensure high percentage given on the spot

Successful Cases
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