Sustainable development

As one of the world's leading clean energy providers, the company has always been committed to using their own professional advantage solve the problem of social energy and environment, through continuously conveying clean energy for the society, to cope with the shortage of global resources and mitigate climate change.

we always remember & other; Change the energy structure in the future responsibility & throughout; The mission of the original, we also have to promote energy ability and the willingness to change around the world. With a simple vision, the company sincerely hopes to boost zero carbon emissions targets as soon as possible, let us in the world more livable.

Energy conservation and emissions reduction

China has committed to the carbon dioxide emissions to 2030 to the United Nations to achieve peak, become carbon neutral by 2060. Solar PiaoPiaoSuSu desire, is to Change the energy structure, responsible for the future. We are dedicated to the photovoltaic (pv) of zero carbon emissions, clean energy production and supply for the sustainable development of China's 2030, 2060 to target and positive response.

We use per kilowatt-hour, every light in nature is our best in warm light the world. From the first Photovoltaic power station grid, Solar technology has accumulated 21 billion degrees of clean electricity production, reduce 17.5 million tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of planting 820000 trees.

210Hundred degrees

Clean electricity

1750Thousand tons of

Carbon emissions

82Thousands of trees

Planting trees

Photovoltaic (pv) and

Science and technology of Solar Photovoltaic power station nearly 3 gw grid installed capacity, annual output of 3.4 billion degrees, the experience of more than 3000 MW Photovoltaic EPC business, of which more than 210 MW Photovoltaic corresponding project, helping more than 42000 peasant households.

For a long time, actively respond to a nation called on Solar technology, heart is rural town development, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the development of the real economy, made an enormous contribution to boost rural revitalization.

Solar technology will also because of its efficient power station construction efficiency, operational strength, continue to develop more can copy all over the country, high-quality goods corresponding project, which can be promoted to photovoltaic (pv) and family benefit more area.

This project is located in jiangxi province Yang county, is to use the modification of existing reservoir, & other; Fishing light complementary & throughout; Photovoltaic power generation project, can give the county more than 24000 households low-income residents, pure low-income residents, scattered support and infirm without labor ability, without stable source of income of every poor family every year nearly 3000 multivariate power generation benefits. The project grid for June 2017.

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