Household system system

Distributed Photovoltaic power station: the use of distributed resources, installed on a smaller scale, arrangement in the vicinity of the user of power systems, is the most widely distributed energy, zero carbon energy is the only means of realizing the clean energy transformation from consumer side. Built in the urban, rural, industrial and commercial buildings, roof through spontaneous for private use, yu electrical access to the Internet, in the form of combined with the application of the technology such as energy storage, intelligent network, both satisfy the needs of the body itself clean energy electricity transformation, at the same time, increase of green power than the local power grid, power carbon peak, the main force of promoting carbon neutral. Solar household power systems using efficient components, quality and reliable inverter, IP65 protection grade distribution box and other high quality auxiliary material, to ensure that the system has stable high power output for a long time, reliability and security is higher, more benefits to the customers.

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