Exhibition hitting 丨 jiangsu rui 670 w high efficient components and perovskite crystal components fascinating appearance!


Hot! Hot! Hot! The temperature hot dog days, atmosphere more hot here! On July 23, the 17th China (jinan) assembly of solar energy utilization in jinan high-tech grand launch of the international convention and exhibition center, the jiangsu red crystal solar energy on the shandong exhibition in a brand-new brand image for the first time to meet with you, jing full!

On July 23 to July 25, 2022 the 17th China (jinan) international conference held in jinan international convention and exhibition center of solar energy utilization. The theme of the jinan exhibition is "golden sunshine, clean energy, dual carbon lead, green development". As the world's leading solar module maker, red crystal with high efficient components and perovskite components to the exhibition, viewers to visit show all-round innovation in the field of photovoltaic applications and solutions, attracting a large number of field staff stop to visit, negotiate!

A, REESUN132H - 210 - m - 670 - w lead distributed new mainstream

The exhibition scene, crystal solar booth packed. The exhibition, red crystal solar energy brings efficient REESUN132H w - 210 - m - 670 version of the model components, the scene caused a large number of exhibitors buzz and interest. At present, the highest series components production power has breakthrough 600 w +, relying on the barriers to the core technology and strong technological level, in terms of performance, reliability, cost, efficiency, energy density and yield and so on all have unique advantages.

Second, laminated BIPV perovskite - silicon components meet the demand of household, commercial and industrial

Exhibitions, red crystal solar also shows its own research and development production of laminated perovskite - silicon components meet the demand of household, commercial makes the products with high efficiency of battery and better under the condition of high temperature power generation performance multiple advantages such as performance, light transmittance can also be used for different application scenarios in both beautiful and performance under the premise of realizing flexible adjustment, fully meet the commercial buildings, public facilities and household application scenario of diverse demand.

In the future, the company will be market-oriented to speed up the pace of innovation, facing the future a broader market space. Crystal solar said technology and products has always been one of the most important brand force. To launch more efficient, safer and more competitive photovoltaic solutions, assist end users achieve higher profits, make pv to millions of homes.

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